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What is the meaning of life? What is our real identity? Why this universe has come into existence? Who is the creator of this universe? What is the idea behind this creation? These are the questions; every human brain asks, at some point of time.

The answers may vary. But the concept is quite clear that something is there; which is beyond our perception. We need some authority to answer these queries.

Shri Vallabhacharyaji answered all the questions with responsibility and commitment towards our divine scriptures – Vedas, Shrimad Bhagavad Geeta, Brahmsutras, Shrimad Bhagavat mahapuran etc. He has shown the Path of Pushti to realize the real meaning of our own self.

‘PUSHTI’ means grace (Kripa) of Bhagvan shri Krishna. The soul which is governed by Pushti; follows the path of pushti and obtains the bliss of shri Krishna. When one follows the tenets of Pushtimarg as shown by shri Vallabhacharyaji, he gains the ‘qualities’ which make him unique and that is what we call ‘PUSHTI SANSKAR’

PUSHTI SANSKAR is the base of an exceptional over all personality - cheerful, intelligent and dedicated to Bhagvan shri Krishna.

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PushtiSanskar Pathshala

Proper vision and sincere effort to accomplish that vision is the key to success.

PushtiSanskar Vidyapeeth

The spiritual wisdom and divine values depicted in ved- shrimad Bhagvad geeta-Brahmsutras- shrimad Bhagavat are capable of enlightening the life of every individual and the society at a large.

PushtiSanskar Parivaar

Education is a prime requirement of the modern society. Modern day parents realize that only the higher education will

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