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The spiritual wisdom and divine values depicted in ved- shrimad Bhagvad geeta-Brahmsutras- shrimad Bhagavat are capable of enlightening the life of every individual and the society at a large. These scriptures shows the core meaning of our existence and the divine way of living a life accordingly.

Ved states that - "The one truth is described in different ways by scholastic people. If one follows any path with dedication; self realization is possible."

Although different methods of devotion (sadhana) are appropriate for different devotees ( sadhaks); But if one sails with the clear directives of shrimad Bhagvat geeta genuinely; it is crystal clear that the path of surrender (Sharanagati) and the path of devotion (Bhakti) towards the almighty Bhagavan Shri Krishna is the best way to attain the highest level of enlightenment.

In shrimad Bhagavat Geeta bhagvan says - "I am the origin of everything and everything expands from me". Every living and non-living elements has been created by Param brahm Bhagavan Shri Krishna for the holy sport (Leela). So devotion to Shri Krishna is the basic theme of this universe.

Shri Vallabhacharyaji says that even after reading and understanding the scriptures if one doesn't follow the path of devotion towards Shri Krishna, he is living in the biggest illusion. So as an ultimate way for a divine life Shri Vallabhacharyaji has shown the course of relishing shri Krishna Sharanagati and shri Krishna bhakti . The message of Shri Vallabhacharyaji is depicted in different granthas. Therfore to understand and follow the tenets of Shri vallabhacharyaji one needs to study pushtimargiya granthas.


For any devotee to have the knowledge of the path which he is a follower is a necessity. Thus for every pushtimarg-devotee it is mandatory to study Shri Vallabhacharyajis tenets.

Pushti Sanskar Vidyapeeth provides an exceptional opportunity to understand the tenets of Pushtimarg through original text of acharyashri. In Pushti Sanskar Vidyapeeth our journey of learning pushtimarg starts with a basic foundation course (Pushtisiddhant pravesh). Then onwards it is a fascinating experience of studying different original text (granthas) of Shri Vallabhacharyaji translated and described in a lucid language.

Pushtisanskar Vidyapeeth operates in the form of "Distance Education". So anyone from any place can take admission into it and gain knowledge about Pushtimarg and various Granths of Shri Vallabh.

PushtisiddhantPravesh & PushtiSiddhantGyan (Shodash Granth) Admission for Year 2019-2020 has started.

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