Moti Haveli - Junagadh 

Every individual needs inspiration to make a sincere effort towards achieving the goal. Inspirations arrive from different directions. Someone’s impressive and successful personality in a particular field motivates us, Some proverbs, thoughts make us feel the temptation. History has immensely affected the human society and it’s thoughts.

If these different sources of inspiration merge at ‘one place’ than we may call that place the centre of inspiration. That’s the definition of a religious place.

The personality of the spiritual leader, the tenets of that particular path and the life of the master, reconciling with the faith of the pupil; everything combined at one place has an immense effect on the development of one’s personality.

In human history there are so many different views prescribed and described by different thinkers; time to time. Every view has its own significance. To safeguard them; every sect needs a place from where the current of that vision continues to flow.

Shri Vallabhacharyaji was one of the greatest acharya; this world has ever witnessed. To uplift the divine Pushti souls who were engaged in worldly activities and thus forgotten their real self; he has shown the way of living a life dedicated to the supreme being Bhagvan Shri Krishna. With the help of shri Vallabhacharyaji’s wisdom; up to now, so many souls have lived a life attached to their root identity. After Shri Vallabhacharyaji his descendents have the responsibility of keeping up with the task of spreading the tenets of Pushtimarg. They lived the life of dedication and commitment. Their residential places were sacred for their disciples.

Apart from Shrinathji’s temple no other setup of collective devotion to deity is accepted in pushtibhaktimarg. Still the requirement of places of inspiration and getting knowledge is not ignored. ACHARYGRAH is the traditional setup (structure) which has inspired so many disciples for years and influenced the history of the nation as well.

One of the ancient and important PUSHTIBHAKTIMARG ACHARYAGRAH is situated in JUNAGADH (GUJARAT – INDIA) which is called MOTI HAVELI (Junagadh). ‘Moti Haveli’ implies to a big residential structure which facilitates the residing acharya to perform his own duty of worshiping Bhagvan Shri Krishna and motivate his disciples to proceed on the devotional path of Pushti.

From generation to generation this place has greatly influenced the society especially in saurashtra and Gujarat region.

'PUSHTI' means grace (Kripa) of Bhagvan shri Krishna. The soul which is governed by Pushti; follows the path of pushti and obtains the bliss of shri Krishna. When one follows the tenets of Pushtimarg as shown by shri Vallabhacharyaji, he gains the ‘qualities’ which make him unique and that is what we call 'PUSHTI SANSKAR'

PUSHTI SANSKAR is the base of an exceptional over all personality - cheerful, intelligent and dedicated to Bhagvan shri Krishna.

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