Pushtisanskar Vidyapeeth Courses

The founder and promotor of Pushtimarg; our Gurudev Mahaprabhu Shri Vallabhacharyaji has written many insightfull Granths on Pushtimarg. Many Acharya descendants of Shri Vallabh also created various Granths providing accurate knowledge on Shri Krishna Bhakti and Pushtimarg. Pushtisanskar Vidyapeeth has been established in order to understand all this Granths and ultimately understand the true path of Shri Krishna Bhakti and Pushtimarg.

In the first stage below given 2 certificate courses has been introduced. The main purpose of Pushtisanskar Vidyapeeth is to make it easy for people to understand the meaning of various Granths created by Shri Vallabh. Vidyapeeth runs in the format of "Distance Education" and anyone from any corner of the world can take admission in it. Currently the courses are available in Gujarati and Hindi language. It will be made available in English very soon.

PushtisiddhantPravesh & PushtiSiddhantGyan (Shodash Granth) Admission for Year 2019-2020 has started.

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Course Code Course Name Duration Eligibility
001 PushtisiddhantPravesh 1 Year Above 16 years
002 PushtisiddhantGyan (Shodash Granth) 4 Years PushtiSiddhantPravesh Passed
  PushtisiddhantPravesh (1 year Course)

It is utmost important to get the basic knowledge of Shri Krishna, Shri Vallabh and Pushtimarg before moving to actual Granths. So the very first course is Basic Foundation course - "PushtisiddhantPravesh". This course is crafted in very simple and lucid way that any beginner can understand it very easily. Below given are the main topics covered under this course.

First Semester Study Session
Pushtimarg Founder Aacharya Shree Vallabhacharyaji 10
Shri Gopinathji and Shri Gusainji
Pustimarg Granth Literature
Bhagvan Shri Krishna
Pushti - Pravah - Maryada
Bhagvadashray, Bhagvadbhakti & Navdhabhakti
Second Semester Study Session
Pushtimargiya Diksha Pranali 10
Pushtimarg Gurudev-Disciple
Roles of Disciples
Shri Krishna Seva Sidhhant
Nitya-Seasonal-Manorath Seva
Pushtimargiya Satsang
Vaishnavism and general relegion

  PushtisiddhantGyan (Shodash Granth) (4 Years Course)

Shri Valabhacharya had created 16 granths at different timings and scenerios describing varied subjects. Later on, this 16 granths in combine were described as "Shodash Granth". All this 16 Granths provide brief but clear message on the 'Sidhhants' prescribed by Shri Vallabhacharyaji. This course covers all the 16 granths in proper order, total 4 years and 4 Granths in each year.

First Year
Granth Study Sessions
Yamunashtak 4
Balbodh 4
Siddhantmuktavali 4
Pushtipravahmaryadabhed 4
Second Year
Granth Study Sessions
Sidhantrahasyam 4
Navratnam 4
Antahkaranprabodh 4
Vivekdheryashray 4

Third Year
Granth Study Sessions
Krishnashraystotram 4
Chatuhshloki 4
Bhakrivardhini 4
Jalbhed 4

Fourth Year
Granth Study Sessions
Panchpadyani 4
Sanyasnirnay 4
Nirodhlakshanam 4
Sevaphalam 4

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