Pushti Sanskar Pathshala

Proper vision and sincere effort to accomplish that vision is the key to success.

When a baby is born; we must have a clear vision to raise him/her in a proper manner and subsequently we must go on with an earnest effort to accomplish our vision.

In modern era; the technological development has changed the attitude of the human society considerably. We are witnessing good effects and also the evil effects of the information technology; on our younger generation. To avoid the bad effects of the era and to gain the knowledge and the attitude which is shown to us by our eternal scriptures; we need traditional set up of Pathshalas in every village.

It is the mission of ‘Pushti sanskar pathshala’ to provide the spiritual strength and cultural knowledge; at least, to each and every child born in the vaishnav family. For this purpose we are motivating the learned and cultured youth to realize the duty of providing their best to the children.

To link the children with Shri Vallabhacharyaji's divine insight; various branches of Shri Pushti Sanskar Pathshala are functioning at different villages. About 180 centers have been established so far. The expansion is still on…

The vaishnav kids are encouraged by the vaishnav teachers of Pathshala in different activities. The inspirational approach of Acharyas and learned Vaishnav teachers made PATHSHALA a center of overall personality development for children.

Reciting Shloks (Sanskrit verses) and singing devotional music are essential aspects of spiritual advancement. Therefore in Pathshala children are motivated to perform recitation of Shri Vallabhacharyaji’s granthas and singing of Pushti Bhakti sangeet. The children are also educated about the tenets of shri Vallabhacharyaji. Thus they understand the core meaning of existence and can live a life with purpose. Sense of being vaishnav makes their life full of joy forever.

You can send your children to Pushtisanskar Pathshala and help them get our rich heritage of Pushtimarg Sanskar which will not only help strengthen their roots to Pushtimarg but will help in all round development of their personality in all the fields of life. Pathshala runs on weekly basis, mostly on every Sunday for around 2 hours so children can easily manage it along with their school studies. Below is the statistics of the number of Pathshala Centres. Click here to search the Pathshala center near to your city..

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